WWE Royal Rumble 2017 live stream updates


WWE Royal Rumble 2017  live stream



Royal Rumble comes to us live from the Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas, on 29 January. The first PPV in 2017 to launch a year of incredible struggle and lay the foundations for the road to Wrestlemania. The event has eight fights hotly contested with a full complement of stars with the biggest prize of the property company on the line.

an integral part of the calendar WWE Royal Rumble is set to set the tone for the year and to allow one of their stars to cause the greatest stage of them All-Wrestlemania. So, without further ado, let’s look at the entire game map and analyze the potential winners:

Cesaro and Sheamus vs. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows (Tag Team Championship WWE Raw)

The unusual alliance of Cesaro and Sheamus worked, and strive to continue their current momentum in the Rumble match against Carl Anderson and Luke Gallows for the championship WWE Raw Tag Team.

On the other hand, Anderson and the gallows were wrongly ordered so far. The duo has great potential, that could not be implemented in their current career. They hope to test the gold after coming so close to becoming a champion in the previous episode of RAW.

Forecast: Cesaro and Sheamus retained. The party is in the pre-show, and initiate change WWE title in such circumstances, it seems a bit absurd. Although we believe that Anderson and gallows become champions somewhere in 2017, of course, it will not happen in the Royal Rumble.

Sasha vs. Banks Nia Jax

Sasha banks against Jax are Nia WWE illustration of David vs. Goliath match. Two women had a lasting impact on the WWE Universe. While Sasha out of the high-profile fight, Nia was squashing jobbers and finally enter your first major fight since his debut.

Jax has built a dominant performer that would interest the banks that lost coming into the match.

Forecast: Nia Jax our choice. The party is in the pre-show, and WWE has reached such prominence to finish inconclusivamente parties. The trend may continue, and Jax could win the match, but not convincingly.

You could end up with a countdown Sasha, something that the struggle will accumulate more.

Rich Swann against Neville (WWE Championship Heavy)

Since Neville returned to WWE Network, we have seen a vicious, determined and ready to rock the world of cruisers. The self-proclaimed king of the cruiserweights will face his student Rich Swann for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Neville Impulse made clear favorite and Swann withdrawal from the party as the champion will be a big surprise.

Forecast: Neville our choice. He’s a guy who could invent the cruiserweight division and is something that Swann could not lead to new heights.

Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella and Naomi vs. Alex Bliss, Mickie James and Natalya

Party women multi- mark a return to the ring Mickey James. Some of the fans were left puzzled  include the WWE match on the main board in place teams tag Title Match RAW.

Nevertheless, the classic multi-heeled Superstar’s match against the person may quite possibly be the most forgettable of the Rumble this year thing. It would be a launching pad for the start of a few fights and does not have anything more substantial to offer.

Forecast: Alexa Bliss, Mickey James and Natalia our choice. This return Mickie James, and it would be only appropriate to give the victory in his first match in the main list. Let’s go a step further and return to get the win for his team!

Charlotte vs. Bailey (WWE Women’s Championship)


After a career limiting dispute with Sasha Banks, Charlotte is ready to move on to bigger and better things. His party Bailey gives us just that!

In the Alamodome, we find out exactly what happens when Huggable finally comes to blows with the queen. While some may believe that the power of the stars fade PPV match, the two women are more than capable to steal the show and create magic.

Forecast: Charlotte is our choice for the match. Charlotte, like John Cena female division (only if it was the heel) and lose the match, “rookie” is not only the pain but also the credibility of the tape.

Kevin Owens against the Roman Kingdom (Universal WWE Championship)

Kevin Owens against the Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship is a game that can surprise all of us! With expectations hit bottom for this game, fans can be affected only if the WWE books the right way.

It would also be interesting to see the role played by Jericho suspended while a shark cage, just above the ring.

Forecast: As cringeworthy as it may seem, our choice for this match Roman Reigns. Since Owens became the champion punished properly.

While some might say that his character is kicked up a notch on the road to the Royal Rumble, it can lead to a large drop for the champion. The end, however, can not be clean, as Jericho can unintentionally arrange the death of King Owens.

AJ Styles vs. John Cena (WWE Championship)


WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Live Stream
WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Live Stream


After the match, a dream, AJ Styles vs. John Cena was definitely the best feuds in 2016 had to offer. However, this time difference. This feud that has a purpose and is not just a clash between two guys who are trying to beat each other. Since Cena returned to WWE Network, we are constantly reminded us how close he is to match the recording Ric Flair.

At the same time, the style was strives to win the respect they deserved deprived, perhaps because of its connection with the Indie scene.

Prediction: This is the type of game that could go either way. While traditionalists may indicate that the styles have twice beaten Sina and it would be appropriate only for lunch on top this time, the complexity of this struggle can give us a completely different result.

For us this is AJ Styles, who will come out on top. Phenomenal One of them was the best of the WWE in 2016, he is the hottest WWE superstar payroll at this time, and dinner “bury” the first PPV in 2017 will not only kill your momentum going, it also brought to light wrestling resistance to change.

As for dinner, you do not need a victory; It is one underground installation! On the contrary, it can serve as a launching pad for the heel turn for him and the WWE can turn your search for a title reign 16 obsession.

In addition, Cena can bury styles in less than two minutes to become a champion. But today, our choice for the match AJ Styles.

Royal Rumble Match


The flagship of the Royal Rumble would be great this year! The star cast can give us a lot of results and book this match will be difficult.

On the one hand, we have young stars and continues to grow as Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin, that could be the dark horse Rumble this year, and on the other hand, we have a legend like The Undertaker, and Goldberg, who are looking to leave a lasting the impact that this may very well be his last hurray before the bow. And then there’s Brawn Strowman.

Outlook: Although there are other alternatives to 29, we’re going with Chris Jericho. Y2J arguably the best of RAW. Veteran is the epitome of creativity in professional wrestling, and his current story with Kevin Owens is the best flagship offer.


In addition, Jericho, is expected to go live on television, the post-Wrestlemania, and it would be perfect to send to a guy who has been consistently renewed his character to remain relevant.


The complete list of confirmed entrants:

1 The Undertaker
2 Goldberg
3 Brock Lesnar
4 Big Show
5 Dean Ambrose
6 The Miz
7 Sami Zayn
8 Dolph Ziggler
9 Big E
10 Xavier Woods
11 Kofi Kingston
12 Bray Wyatt
13 Randy Orton
14 Luke Harper
15 Mojo Rawley
16 Braun Strowman
17 Chris Jericho
18 Baron Corbin
19 Cesaro
20 Sheamus
21 Big Cass
22 Rusev




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    The theory is right, if Rousey is coming to the WWE, you want the media picking it up, because just about every form of media that covers sports will announce Rousey signed and will be wrestling. Bringing her on Raw and/or Smackdown like Lesnar (at least) will bring the casual viewers for Mania and keep them on there long enough to expose more of the product to try to lure in said viewers to stick around a little longer. Surprise entrant to the Rumble won’t have as big of an impact and would possibly even miss on what that big picture is going to be.


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