How to Wipe Android Phone Completely

A few years ago, recovery was not easy. Thus, people can feel safe when you format or do a factory reset before selling your Android phone. However, it was not safe enough. But nowadays, data recovery is very common. There are many free tools are good enough to recover data erased from the Android phone. In this situation, if you can completely erase all personal data, you can make you feel safe.
If you plan to sell your Android device, you can get the money. But you can also get some privacy concerns. Because you know that data recovery is easy now and return to factory settings does not remove any data. But, do not worry. You can clear all Android phone. You should do this before your phone goes into the hands of another person.

The best methods to completely clear the Android phone:

There are several ways to remove these Android phone completely to make it virtually impossible to recover. I will not describe all methods. Because it is not so simple. Here are simple ways to clean your Android phone completely.

1. Encryption and completely destroy your phone:

In fact, this is the easiest and safest way to clean your Android phone and make it completely unrecoverable. To do this, you do not need any third-party software. Since these options are available your Android device. All you need to do, just follow the steps I will describe.

Step 1: Your phone will be encrypted / tab:

Before performing the factory reset, you need to fully encrypt the device. If you do not know, read: How to encrypt your phone. Encryption, make sure that your content more readable in the normal course. Because it converts all the data in the code. This is not reversible by any conventional or middle way. In some cases almost impossible to break the encryption. As a result, it ensures that the data is safe enough. Therefore, it is important to “clean up your Android phone” full step.

Step 2: Reset to Factory Settings

After the first step, perform a factory reset your phone. the device is clean. How do you encrypt your Android, after resetting the factory, it is almost irreplaceable. In order to do a factory reset –

Go to Settings> Backup and Restore.
Now, click Reset phone or data reset. (Various versions of Android may have a variety of options)
Excellent! You just clean up your phone completely. But for added security, you can follow two more steps. Although they are not mandatory, I still recommend them to you. This process is to easy to Wipe Android Phone Completely from others process.


Wipe Android Phone Completely
Wipe Android Phone Completely


Step 3: Download the false data

After resetting the phone, you can download the false images, contacts, etc. on your phone. To phone buyer, you will only see these fake content to your phone, if he/she is trying to get the phone memory.

Step 4: Getting back to return to the factory

Well, after data download Dammy just lose it again to make sure that all files are deleted from your phone. It will be like another layer of security. Now, it is much harder to find a place of their actual content. It also ensures that you are completely cleaned Android phone.

2. Clean the Android phone with third-party software:

There are many software Android phone safe design for the PC. This software will only overwrite existing data with random codes. That’s why it makes it very difficult to recover deleted files. Wondershare SafeEraser very popular. You can use it to completely clean the Android phone. Here are the instructions.

Firstly, it resets the phone, as before.
Now SafeEraser downloads and installs on your computer.
Connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable.
Then open Wondershare SafeEraser and select the appropriate option and delete all data.
It is recommended that another factory reset after the removal of all data of this software.
This software also has a Mac version. If you do not like and you want something that can do the same work with a phone, not a PC or Mac, Secure Erase with iShredder may be a good choice. You can install it from the game store. There are also some other applications that can safely clean your Android free storage. I recommend that you perform a reset to factory settings, use one of your favorite applications to erase all the deleted data.

How to check your done Wipe Android Phone Completely:

Well, after completely remove all data from your phone, you can still stick in the safety concern. Because you are not sure, “you are really my unrecoverable phone?”. Yes, so you can check if everything is in order or not. Follow the steps below to check Wipe Android Phone Completely.

There are many data recovery software available in Android. Download any of them and install it on your PC or Mac.
Now connect your phone to your computer and run the software for data recovery software.
Explore your phone and check if any of your personal data is recoverable or not.
I hope that this article will help to clear the entire phone android. If you know another safe, you can split this technique.



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