Improves Facebook videos on your timeline

People are watching and sharing videos on Facebook more than ever, and are focused on continuous improvement of video experience. Today we are pleased to share some updates that make watching video on Facebook is more attractive and more flexible, richer.

Bring sound to a video on the newswire

Video on the news tape played silently above: the video is played back to hear the sound. People watch more video on the phones, they have come to expect a sound when the volume of your device turned on. After testing the sound on the newswire and hear positive feedback. We will slowly bring more people. The sound disappears and moves as you scroll through the video in newswire, so these videos come alive.

If your phone is silent, the video will not play with sound. If you do not want the video to play with the sound, you can turn this feature off by disabling the “video in News Feed Start with sound” setting. We will also show messages about the product, to inform people about the new sound and management experience.

vertical video

We have also made changes in that vertical videos look better on mobile devices. Last year, we started to try a larger preview of the vertical video on mobile News Feed. People responded positively so that the larger format is now available for anyone who is looking at video iOS and Android.

View and Navigation

We know that sometimes you want to watch a video and want to move forward through the news feed. Now it is possible to minimize the video you are watching picture-in-picture view still playing in the corner of the screen while watching the other stories in News Feed. You can drag video in any corner of the screen,

and if you’re using an Android device, you can save the video played, even when you exit the Facebook app to do something else on your phone.

The use of facebook Video TV

And finally, we have heard that people want more choice of how and where you can watch the video on Facebook.

Today we announce a new Facebook application video for the television, which will soon launch an application store for the Apple TV,

Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV, with more platforms to come.

Our video application for television is a new way to enjoy Facebook on the big screen.

Last year, we launched the ability to video streaming to the TV via Facebook,


Improves Facebook videos
Improves Facebook videos


and today’s announcement extends this capability. With the app, you can see an overview of friends or pages that you follow in the real-time

video to the world and recommended videos based on your interests videos. You can also catch up with the videos that you have saved for the future.As well as watch videos that you’ve already seen, shared or downloaded.

We hope to see how people use the application to watch videos on Facebook in a new way.


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