Fix Google Play Store does not work Problem

Google Play Store is the official Android-source application that belongs to Google. Almost all Android smartphones and tabs come preinstalled with this store. However, some phone users / Android Tabs complain of problems. They can not find or set any of their application. Because, the Play Store displays only a blank screen, even the unit is connected to broadband Internet access. It is mainly manifested in the Samsung Galaxy and a few other less popular smartphones. By the way, it is very important to correct this error.

How to Fix Google Play Store does not work Problem

In fact, it is very easy to get rid of this problem. I will present several solutions. Either should work for you. It depends on many things. Before you start the troubleshooting steps, I recommend checking out if you have a good internet connection.

Clear cache, data and stop the force:

Corrupted data cache and can cause all sorts of problems Android. Therefore, before starting the main process of troubleshooting, I always recommend to everyone to try.

Go to Settings> Applications> Google Play Store.
Click Force Stop, Clear cache and Clear data.
Do the same with the Google Play Framework and services.

Then you can restart the game store and see if you are still faced with a blank screen.


Clear Cache, Data and Force Stop:
Clear Cache, Data and Force Stop


Uninstall Google Play Updates:

ometimes, last updated store playback may be problematic for your device. In this case, you can remove an update to see if the problem is a blank screen is removed.

First, go to Settings> Applications> Google Play Store.
Now click Uninstall updates.
After completing this process, and will not deal with the problems of a white screen, if the problem is with the latest update.

First try this to solve Google Play Store does not work problem

Make sure you update the phone software / tab:

It is possible that the problem you face in the device is a known problem. Thus, software upgrades may be available to be corrected. Therefore, I recommend –

Go to Settings> About.
Click Software Update.
Now to see if an update is available.
After you upgrade the operating system of the phone, you can get relief from this problem the screen playing the white screen.

update the phone software / tab:
update the phone software / tab:



Disable or remove any performance and security software launcher:


Sometimes, software security, and performance can cause any problems on your phone. Because they work in the background and automatically kill a variety of tasks that are required for your device. If you have the app, you can turn them off temporarily or permanently delete them. Then check if the problem is the screen play white screen is adjusted. You can also try this to solve Google Play Store does not work problem


Disable the proxy and VPN:

VPN or proxy server are enabled on your phone disabling it. There are many applications that can connect to a VPN or proxy network during the launch of the Android phone. You can remove this application.

Play alternative shop to fix the problem of the empty way of the screen:

In 90% of time, the first two methods should work. But sometimes, you may be a loser, that none of them worked. In this case, you can remove your Google Account from your phone and add a new one. Then, see if it works. After done this , just reset your phone. Don’t forget to backup your valuable data.


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