Premier League: Chelsea vs Liverpool tactical preview

Chelsea vs Liverpool

Antonio Conte could be forgiven for feeling a little jealous Klopp ahead of their match-up on Friday night.

The Italian spent the summer in search of dynamic midfielders who could provide evidence for the dangerous front

– a key component of Juventus took three straight Serie A in 2012-2014 – Chelsea, but only got one of those players N’Golo Kant. On the contrary, Klopp now has one of the fastest and most skillful midfielder quintets around.

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No one should say Conte advantage of these midfielders can bring. His Juve lined up in 3-5-2 where two midfielders total cash drawer – Claudio Marchisio and Vidal

– constantly ran hammer position with their careers from such deep areas that opponents struggled to choose. in his first two seasons at the helm,

Conte was not a single player who has scored more than 10 goals. rather than rely on contributions from all fields (by the way. Marchisio and Vidal made a total

of 16 combined strokes in each campaign).

Incompatible players

Conte Italy used a similar strategy for Euro 2016 – the best example of this was Giaccherini working. for the defense to win against Belgium – and 47-year-old has since established

Chelsea in the reservoir, which is ideal to replicate.

Staff, however, it is not suitable. While Kant is an effective leader, Oscar and Nemanja Matic had previously been used for a variety of roles in a 4-2-3-1. and still

Conte failed in his attempt to add more options such as Nainggolan team dynamics.

There is no doubt that the Conte would like to have more speed and enthusiasm for his front. No central midfielder scored for Chelsea so far in the league.

with top scorer Diego Costa with four goals. The situation is opposite Liverpool where Klopp is building toward that dangerous route come from number of players,

especially midfielders


Formidable five

This was highlighted during the summer signings of Wijnaldum and Sadio Mane. Klopp moved to 4-3-3 in the preseason,

to accommodate a duet with Jordan Henderson pushed into the holding role for Wijnaldum and Lallana. two natural attacing currently drawn deeper midfielders.

Coutinho (left) and Man (right) in diameter, Klopp formed a midfield five of the high speed and movement.
from the structure it originated. Henderson became rather conservative manager support move the ball effectively;

its average of 80 passes per game is the highest in the Premier League. Later, the company Lallana in the table below and the channels to drag defenders out of position. while the high position allows zagueros Coutinho and Manet drifts inside the box and jeopardize the objective form more direct.

These samples were exposed on the first weekend when Liverpool Arsenal scored four goals. Two of the goals came from Lallana Coutinho, and then flows into the field.

other Manet originated from inside the cut. Red has scored five goals in the league, more general between Lallana, mane, Roberto Firmino (two) and James Milner (penalty). None came from the player assigned to the lone striker role.

Front support

This does not mean that the striker has become important. In particular. in the last two games,

many of the best moves of Liverpool midfielders did not materialize during the race back in sync with the front.

This was the case regardless of who played the front. The 1-1 draw against Tottenham, nine false Firmino dropped deep and wide bond with teammates,

inviting Lallana, Manet and Coutinho sprint behind the central defenders through balls. As long as you do not score directly from him, Manet went several times, and. when Liverpool was scintillating counterattack goal ruled out for a marginal outpatient games, players who were to merge forward Jared Wijnaldum, Lallana and Manet.

In a 4-1 win at home to Leicester last weekend paper forward Daniel Sturridge went with Firmino substitute Coutinho left. For the first goal, Sturridge made bait run down the left Wes Morgan extract; right-back Danny Simpson also implies leaving a hole in the middle, who moved in and Firmino scored. “The move was brilliant, everyone saw it,


Chelsea vs Liverpool
Chelsea vs Liverpool


” said Klopp, and added. “Roberto can make exactly the same route, but if Daniel does not make the race is not free in front of goal This is how football is.”

For the third goal, Sturridge got the ball at their feet, and then played in Wijnaldum, Liverpool had four midfielders, but not quarrelsome, inside the box.

Wijnaldum duly Lallana, who hit his second of the season. As the spur was synchronized movement between the front and the steering wheel,

with the last to finish in a better position.
After brokers

This dynamic is clearly not the only weapon that Klopp takes Stamford Bridge – the front will surely get chances to Firmino and Sturridge and

acts against Spurs and Leicester respectively – but becomes a hallmark of her.

and the task of monitoring and preventing the overload of racing will be significant.

The Conte 4-3-3, Kant, of course, play a key role in the hallways smell against the back four, while Oscar defensive nous could be tested.

Liverpool tried several times over the Leicester defense that would mean Conte to take the risk, if you play a high back.

The old centers of questioning in connection between Gary Cahill and David Luiz when the Brazilian replace the injured John Terry,

as expected.


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