Are There Any Health Risks of Wifi?

Wi-Fi was a great help to all of us in recent times. No matter how many years a person WiFi is not always there to help. If a student needs help with your assignment or teacher with your conference or a businessman to establish contacts, to extend its business. Now there is no need to sit at the stupid Internet connection connected to our home phone line while the connection is available everywhere. But as they always say, something that has its advantages comes with hazards and risks, as well. So, today we would like to discuss some of these health risks Wi-Fi.

Since the discovery of the radio since 1997, researchers have studied it till the end. They found the obvious health risks of wireless that affect the overall health and brain activity, especially in children.

Some of these risks to the health of Wi-Fi, we would like to emphasize today are the following:

Delay cell development and growth of Operation:

ninth group lacked sleep and disruption in their normal everyday life, while they were sleeping next to a cell phone. To find out the cause of the derailment decided to check it out. They put a group of plants in a room without router Wi-Fi. While the other two routers with which produce the same number of cellular phone radiation. The result was astounding: there was no growth from the nearest router plant.


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Insomnia due to Wi-Fi:

You may have noticed that after the use of WiFi for a few hours is difficult for you to sleep. No, it’s not fun factor, but just emissions that destroy your brain. The study was conducted on some students. Some of them were forced to sleep with a real phone with Wi-Fi while the other, except for the fake phones. The results showed the health risks of wireless sleep mode. How to change the patterns of brain waves of people, sleeping with real phones and do not allow them to sleep.

and distorted brain function affected

A number of scientists have done an MRI on people using 4G and came with a diagnosis of brain activity of the derailment, which can be taken as one of the risks to the health of Wi-Fi.

Compounding heart stress leads to stress

Many of you may have noticed changes in the behavior of your body, especially the heart in the presence of 3G or LTE mobile phones. Well, it is not only adrenaline but radiation spoiling your heart system. It has been reported on the basis of research, that many people have noticed a real physical response to electromagnetic radiation. Increased heart rate and the heart under stress was due. It’s not great, but it can lead to something more in one day.

Damage to a child’s development:


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It was known that radiation WIFI also lead to disruption of normal growth and development of the fetus. There was a 2004 study animals showed retarded kidney development. Then another study supported. They argued that also leads to a decrease in protein synthesis, especially in children and young people is increasing. This shows how dangerous it is for children to be closer to the development of the harmful radiation from Wi-Fi.

negative effect on semen:

It has been found for a long period of time that heat affects the activity of sperm laptops. But now it was noted that it was not only warm, but harmful radiation threat WiFi are a brave man. The researchers found a strong Wi-Fi connection radiation to reduce sperm motility and lead to DNA fragmentation. Thus, the rays shown as negatively affect the activity of sperm.

The adverse effects on female fertility:
Yes, you heard right Wi-Fi can be harmful to female fertility and pregnant women as well. The results of animal studies have shown that prevent implantation of the egg. This may also lead to the possibility of abnormal / ectopic pregnancy. This will not only affect the woman herself, but the father of the child and the child. Anomalies of development of the child have been discussed above. Thus, this is proof that Wi-Fi radiation pose a threat to human life, and there are many health risks Wi-Fi.

The effects and reduces brain function of women:

study of 15 women were performed with and without wireless radiation for 45 minutes each. When the group was tested for any changes in behavior, spending 45 minutes with no radiation, so there was no change. Furthermore, Fuer




Are There Any Health Risks of Wifi?


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